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Alabama Equipment has a full line of quality manufacturers to help meet your needs. Call one of our trained sales engineers today!

Forward Thinking

Over 100 years of combined experience. Going green or just looking for efficiency? Our team can help.

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It’s not just about making equipment selections. We provide engineering parts, service and more.

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New name, old faces. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! Let our experience work for you.

About Alabama Equipment

Alabama Equipment is a manufacturer’s representative specializing in a wide range of HVAC equipment solutions. Our goal is simple! Make your job easier. Put our product knowledge and systems experience to work for you by:

  • Understanding your unique needs
  • Offering the best ideas
  • Recommending the right solutions
  • Standing behind what we sell

We understand the construction process and realize how competitive the market has become. Alabama Equipment offers an extensive selection of  some of the most efficient HVAC equipment ideas in the industry. Recommending the right solution for your equipment needs saves time and money on your next project.

Some of the best equipment names in the industry have partnered with Alabama Equipment. These companies stand behind their product and we stand behind what we sell. What that means for our engineering and contractor partners is we have the HVAC equipment you need and all the extras.

  • On time solutions
  • Service after the sale
  • Training
  • Parts & Warranty

It’s not always about air conditioning, but more about the right solution for your next project. Let our factory certified team partner with you today.

Whether your concern is first cost or reducing the total cost of ownership, Alabama Equipment can help you reach your  goals. We understand the difficulties facing building owners, engineers and contractors as your HVAC equipment focuses change based on your investment goals. Let our experienced team go to work for you and help you reach your goals.