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Heating and Cooling Coils

For over 20 years, AAON has supplied the coil needs of industrial and commercial HVAC customers. Today, AAON offers a wide selection of chilled water, hot water, steam, and refrigerant fin and tube coil configurations. AAON coils can be easily configured with the AAON ECat selection software from an expansive list of features to meet your coil construction and performance specifications. All AAON coils follow a rigorous manufacturing process and testing routine to ensure they are free from leaks before shipment.

Quick Ship Coils Available

The AAON design expertise and manufacturing processes allow for emergency quick shipments with lead times as short as one business day. Contact your local AAON representative for further details on available quick shipments.

Booster Coils

Booster coil configurations are available that are sure to meet your exact needs for supplemental heating. The coil options include tube diameter, rows deep, finned height and length, fin thickness, fin material, fins per inch, tube wall, connection size and type, and casing configuration. Using the AAON ECat selection software, the critical criteria can be selected to ensure that the right AAON booster coil is selected to provide optimum performance in any application.

Aaon Booster Coils


Heating Coils

Whether a job calls for steam distributing heat or hot water heat, AAON heating coils are designed to fit any application. All AAON heating coils are available with multiple tubing diameter options, a variety of tube wall thicknesses, and multiple rows deep. Hot water heating coils can be circuited in a full, half, or quarter serpentine circuiting to optimize heating performance. Steam coils are configured as tube-in-tube distributing to maximize performance at low entering air temperature conditions. Since AAON hot water coils are rated for entering water temperatures as high as 200°F and steam distributing coils rated for entering superheated steam as high as 15 psig, AAON heating coils can satisfy the rigorous demands of the HVAC marketplace.


Chilled Water Cooling Coils

AAON offers an array of options to satisfy hydronic cooling coil requirements whether the application calls for chilled water only or a glycol solution for freeze protection. With multiple tubing diameter options, coil circuitry options and fin densities, and up to 12 rows deep for additional latent capacity for dehumidification applications, AAON cooling coils can maximize performance regardless of the job specification. Designed to save installation and maintenance time and money, all hydronic coils include factory installed manifolds designed to handle a wide range of water flow rates. World class leak testing equipment and manufacturing processes, and AHRI 410 certification, ensure AAON hydronic coils are the best.


DX Evaporator or Condenser Coils

For any system requiring direct expansion refrigerant coils, AAON can provide the evaporator or condenser coil to match the exact need. DX evaporator coils are available with multiple rows, multiple fins per inch options, and can be configured with interlaced or face split circuitry for capacity modulation and capitalize on valuable energy savings. DX condenser coils are available with multiple rows, up to 22 fins per inch, and can be configured with interlaced or face split circuitry. All DX evaporator coils and heat pump condenser coils include rifled tube enhancements and refrigerant distributors that ensure proper refrigerant distribution into the coil. AAON DX coils are designed to maximize performance no matter the specific job requirements.

dc evaporator coils

Coil Leak Testing

All AAON coils, whether they are for hydronic or DX systems, surpass all standard industry leak test specifications. Each coil has an individual barcode that is scanned as it follows a rigorous leak test routine including gross leak testing, vacuum decay testing, and final leak testing with trace gas where each outcome being stored electronically for data analysis. Every coil must pass each step of the leak test procedure before it receives final approval and ships to the customer or is installed in one of the world class AAON rooftop units, chillers, outdoor mechanical rooms, air handling units, self contained units, or condensing units. Using the test data, AAON is also able to continually improve the manufacturing processes to offer the best coils available.

Coil Leak Testing

AAON Selection Software

The AAON ECat software allows each coil selection to precisely match your application requirements. The coil can be configured based on the desired MBH, with the ECat software varying the rows, fins per inch, and circuitry to find the closest match. The coil can also be configured based on specific coil characteristics input with the ECat software providing a performance rating. The software calculates coil performance including sensible and latent capacity, airside pressure drop, leaving air conditions, and even glycol solution ratings. Coil options in the ECat software are nearly limitless with the flexibility to select specific fin densities, specific tube diameters and circuitry to optimize pressure drop through the coil. The AAON ECat selection software gives you the assurance that the designed coil will meet the exact needs of your job specifications.